A quick summary

Sorry that it’s been a minute since I’ve written here. The ninja camp has been up to a lot since we got back from our first national tour in May. Did I tell you it rocked? I probably did in another blog post. Anyway, we just finished mastering our newest album. It sounds so fucking good. John Golden at Golden Mastering did it. He’s done a lot of dope shit. The entire SST & Sub Pop catalogues… hundreds of things. So the new CD will be out in like, January.

We’ve also decided to come out with our first 7″ vinyl record. Yes, those little vinyl discs that you play on a record player, or turntable. Remember those? We’re only making 300, but we’re totally excited. Those will be out in September. We’ll have a release show and our second national tour in September will be in promotion on that.

Artwork for the 7″ is being worked on as we speak. Our man, Jack Rossi, www.irrelevanttomfoolery.blogspot.com, who also does our posters, is doing the 7″. He is THE SHIT. As for the CD, we’ll start working on that soon too. Our friend, Mher Vahakn, will be doing the photography and layout. We have a lot of plans! Hopefully we can make them all come to fruition. We must make them come to fruition.

The tour is almost completely booked for September/October. You can see our website for dates. Shit! I have to actually upload them soon. I keep forgetting to do that. See, there’s a lot to think about and do. The dates are on our Myspace, however. >www.myspace.com/ninjaacademy.

Lately we’re trying to play less shows but with really good bands. I want people to feel confident that when they come to a Ninja Academy show, the whole night will be amazing. That’s not always possible and it doesn’t always happen, but we are trying to achieve that!

So, that’s what’s what in the Ninja Academy camp. New 7″ and CD out soon! Can’t wait for you all to hear it!

~ by Outdo-Ninja on July 22, 2009.

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