05.13-15.09 – Arizona

Coming towards the end of our tour! Only 4 shows left and we’ve visited all these cities once before so I’m anxious to see if word has spread since the last time we played here. Let’s see…

Tucson – Well, it seems that not that many people have spoken. It was hard to tell but there weren’t that many people there, maybe about 30. At least the crowd was into it but it was just an alright night. Maybe because it was a Wednesday night. Kind of disappointing, to be honest. Oh well. It was no one’s fault though. We still love Plush and want to go back. It’s a cool club with good sound. Plus, Fourfivesix were great and hooked it up for us. Thanks Mike! Because of the poor turnout, we didn’t meet our daily quota are were falling farther behind from meeting it. We at least wanted to break even on this tour. Doesn’t looks like it’s happening so far. We still have 3 shows left, so we’ll see how it goes.

At least we got to see our friends Jamie and Christina again. They have a cool loft apartment/studio and they let us stay there. (If you’re a band looking to record, you should check them out: Chamber of Sounds). We had a fun little jam session before we took off to Phoenix.

Phoenix – I was looking forward to this show because Modified Arts is supposedly one of the better places to play in town. Turns out this show sucked. It was a total last minute add-on type of thing, so maybe I expected too much. Plus, we were put on a bill with some bands we totally didn’t fit in with. The first guy, Live Sound, was good and cool at least. So there weren’t that many people there and those that were there weren’t even that into us so we made even less money on this night. Shit.

One cool thing that came from this night was a couple of guys that we played with the last time we played Phoenix came out to the show to support us. I feel like an asshole because I can’t remember their bands name. Anyway, they hooked us up with a place to stay, a guy named Ken’s house. Ken is by far the most interesting guy we’ve met on tour. He is a psychic/medium and also a pool cleaner. He has an amazing house, surrounded by big boulders, trees, plants, water; every element. Inside he has a bunch of snakes and reptiles. Ay yay yay! At least he didn’t have cats. He told us a bunch of crazy stories, from how he tipped the FBI off to stop Bush’s assassination, to exorcising demons out of people, to healing people with his energy, to seeing UFOs, to blood dripping from his ceiling in his house. I’m usually skeptical about these type of things but I totally believed this guy. He was actually very inspirational. I wish I could speak to him every day. We also got to see his snakes get fed little mice, “Run, Jumper, Run!”. This night totally made Phoenix worthwhile. The question now is, do we go back to Phoenix and play again? We’ll figure it out.

Flagstaff – Flag is great to play because they hook us up with a hotel room and the place itself is just fun as hell. There are always only two bands there. Since we were headlining this time, Fourfivesix played with us again, we had to play for 2 hours. This show ended up being OFF THE HOOK! There were a lot of people there and they were all into us. It was great. Plus, all the staff there loved us. This show got us back on track as far as our quota was concerned. We were finally ahead! Two shows left and we finally got there. Phew. We turned a lot of new people on. I have a feeling Flagstaff is going to be a great city for us to play in from now on. *Fingers crossed*. Can’t wait to go back!

One more show left! Las Vegas, here we come!

~ by Outdo-Ninja on May 21, 2009.

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