2009.04.07-12 – Texas

Now that we’re on our way to Arizona, I can sit back and reflect on our 6 days in Texas…Crazy things happen in crazy states.

Denton – We got into Denton a couple hours early and went to the venue to just chill awhile. We also had nothing else to do, so this was fine. Indo ended up getting his all time personal high score in Galaga – about 400,000. We all ended up getting personally high.

As we were sitting around, another band starts loading in. From my understanding from talking with the booker previously, we were the only band for the night. Um.. hmm. Alright, so there are 2 bands, whatever. Would’ve been cool to know though. The booker finally arrives and I introduce myself. Long story short, he had forgotten that we were playing and booked another band! Ay yay yay. What the hell? After my irritation and shock (you know what I mean) subsided, we agreed we’d play after the other band. What else were we going to anyway?

The whole night ended up being cool. We played 2 long sets, people were there and into it, and the booker turned out to be a good guy. We also met another cool CSer, Josh, who let us stay at his house. Bitchin! All in all, a decent night.

Dallas – We got into Dallas a little early because I wanted to see where JFK got shot. It was pretty eerie. There are guys hanging around trying to sell you memorabilia and telling conspiracy theories. I love it. Once again we got to the venue early and kicked it. It was so hot and humid that we just wanted to be inside an air-conditioned room.

We were playing with Bastardos de Sancho this evening and we had been having a little back-and-forth-Internet-shit-talking-battle. These two guys dress as Lucha Libre. It was a battle of the duos! These guys were awesome and very cool fucking people. Sam, the percussionist who plays a homemade set-up consisting of buckets, film reels, saw blades and random shit, also offered us to stay at their place. Man, this guy took care of us. Seriously. Food, drinks, smoke.. Once again, we are so fortunate to be meeting bad ass people like this! Anyhow, the show was great. We played a good show to a really receptive crowd. I wasn’t sure if they’d dig it, but they did. Plus, the Bastardos brought a lot of people, so that was good for us. We’ll be going back to Dallas.

Austin – You are going to hear this a thousand times from me; we are fortunate to meet some amazing people. This time it’s Brian and Jerami, who are friends of a friend of ours. We had never met but these two are the sweetest and most nice people you could ever meet. They also let us stay there for two nights since we had two days off in Austin.

The show at Hole In The Wall was alright. For a Saturday night, the turn out sucked. Of the three Texas shows up til now, this was the weakest. I totally thought it would rock because Austin is a music capital and all that. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exceptional either. It’s probably because it’s kind of like L.A., there’s a lot going on. It was cool seeing an old high school friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for years. Also, our friend from L.A. who now lives in El Paso flew out to Austin to hang with us. We were staying with him in El Paso too.

After the show Indo, Amy, Rene and I crashed a Co-op college party. Someone told us about it so we drove and tried to find it. We eventually did. It was pretty weird. And there was no alcohol, which sucked because we heard there was going to be 14 kegs! No problem, we still brought our own. We chilled there for awhile, exploring the place. it eventually got lame so we bailed.

Finally, a second day off in a row! This was a great day. We spent most of it at Barton Springs, a natural spring water pool. There were a lot of people there and it was hot. Let’s jump in the water… Damn, it was cold! You got used to it but dayam! I’m not the greatest swimmer and not in great shape so I couldn’t stay out there that long (you couldn’t reach the bottom), but it was nice to swim or lay out or walk around and look at all the women. A few topless ones too! Woohoo!

As the sun started to set we packed up and went back to the house where our hosts had steak and chicken fajitas ready for us. I couldn’t believe it. It was so good. This meal pretty much wiped us out for the rest of the evening. We just watched a couple of movies on TV and crashed. Thank you, Brian and Jerami.

El Paso – Amy’s cousin lives in El Paso and he and hi wife graciously let us stay at their place. Don’t make me say it again, but I will…! He showed us around town, took us out to eat and drink, and even went around the University campus to promote with us. He was down!

We were scheduled to play Zeppelin’s Underground. Bands, actually everyone in general, DO NOT GO TO ZEPPELIN’S. Fuck that place and more importantly, fuck that booker. If you want to know more, ask me and I’ll tell you. Let’s just say he is not a cool person. His name is Justin. Stay clear away!

So we had actually loaded into Zeppelins. When we finished we went to another bar upstairs to have a drink. We were all irritated because of the bad vibes of Zeppelins. We ended up talking to this guy who confirmed everything we felt and thought about that place. He said we should call up the Hush Gallery and ask if we could play there instead. I was down. I found there phone number, called and ask them if we could come down, right now, and play. He was like, go for it! Nice! So our whole group of people went back downstairs to Zeppelins and proceeded to load-out without even saying what was going on to the booker. And you know what confirmed our whole mentality of the place? This fucking guy didn’t even ask what was going on or why we were leaving. He didn’t give a fuck. Thus, we don’t give a fuck. Bands, DO NOT PLAY THERE.

We drove to Hush a minute away and these guys were totally cool. They even hooked us up a little gas money at the end of the night. The show was good. Rene said it was better than the Austin show even. It did feel good. After the show we went back to Rene’s apartment to party some more. By the way, for all two of you who are reading this, go be a member of Rene’s gym, Fighter Physique, if you’re in El Paso. We went in there the night before and were messing around with all the equipment he has. We are some silly, out of shape ninjas. Rene’s a homie and knows his shit. Go get in shape with him if you’re not lazy like us.

This was our Texas experience in a nutshell. I was kind of nervous before we arrived because I heard stuff about how conservative or racist or whatever parts of Texas are but we didn’t encounter any of that. We will be back soon.

Next up, Arizona for the second time. Let’s see how this goes…

~ by Outdo-Ninja on May 13, 2009.

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