05.05.09 – Nashville, TN

For once on this tour we got into a city early enough to chill and check out what’s the haps. I’m glad we did. Nashville really is a music capital of the world. Notice I say “a” and not “the”. There was music in practically every bar and club on Broadway, and at 3 in the afternoon! We ended up going into a few of these bars and checking out the music. There were some great musicians I saw one guy named Chicken play 2 songs simultaneously on guitar! He was badass. Apparently, though, all these bands play for tips. I wondered if they all did this for a living but I didn’t ask anyone. I did see something pretty crazy. There was this one band with 3 hot girls and 1 guy. These chicks were pretty hot. And also high on coke. Dude, I saw one of them taking a bump right on stage! That was crazy. I told Amy about this and she said she had just saw that same girl do a line in the bathroom. Damn girl! Nashville=big coke town? I don’t know. That’s too bad too, because that girl was pretty hot but seeing her like that was a turnoff. Oh well.

Being Cinco de Mayo, we went to eat Mexican food before we played. It wasn’t as good as L.A’s Mexican food but they had a deal on a pitcher of margaritas, so whatever!

The Muse is a dive. It kind of reminded me of Gilman St in Berkeley but way smaller. The sound was really good. Leon knew what he was doing and he actually gave a shit. Real nice guy. So there were only about 5 people there. We thought this show was going to be a total bust, since no one was there. It totally wasn’t and this turned out to be one of the best nights of the tour. Why? Because of 3 people who drove 45 minutes from Clarksville to see us. I had spoken with Andy on Myspace a couple of times before but I totally forgot about it because I had a lot of stuff to worry about. When he came in he noticed how empty it was and said that we should have played Clarksville instead. That triggered my memory. Anyway, by the end of our show Andy, Tim and Crystal ended up buying all our merch and then some. Wow. And to top it off, they were such cool, genuine people. They took us out to downtown and totally got all of us so drunk. We all had the best time. I can’t say it enough, meeting people like this make this whole thing worthwhile. Next time around, forget Nashville, we are going to their town and playing for them and their friends. I’m sure they’d appreciate it way more. All in all, an amazing night. But not because of the show, but because of the cool people we met.

Right now we’re on our way to Hope, Arkansas. We had a show scheduled in Benton, AR but no one (except for Wendi, who we’re staying with tonight) was getting back to me about the show. We didn’t even know where the hell the venue was. it was obvious that if the show was this poorly handled from the beginning, it was going to suck. I even called the club owner and left an urgent message but the fucker didn’t even return my call. Fuck ’em. We cancelled the show. So instead we’re driving all the way to Wendi’s house since it will cut the drive-time down tomorrow. Texas, here we come! Yeehaw!

~ by Outdo-Ninja on May 7, 2009.

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