05.02.09 – Philadelphia & Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state to drive through. There is a lot of greenery and beautiful landscapes. I wish I could’ve taken pictures but I was driving, so I didn’t.

The two shows went pretty well. Philly’s show had a pretty good audience. There were a lot of people there and they were very receptive. We turned a lot of people on at this show. The bands we played with were also all good. One of the bands, Zinc Pony, offered to let us stay at their place. Little did we know that it was 30 miles from the venue, IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Literally. It took FOREVER to get there. We were like, “they’re taking us out here to murder us.” If we didn’t have GPS, we would have seriously been fucked getting out of there. The guys we stayed with were way cool though. They basically lived on a farm in a converted barn. It was pretty cool. We stayed with Craig and Scott from Zinc Pony. Scott is an amazing fine artists (as well as guitarist). His work was all over the place. These guys were pretty crazy though. It was like 5 in the morning and they were still running around. Okay, it was mostly Craig running around. Us three were all in bed and Craig was like “I might turn the TV on and play video games. Is that cool?” It was right next to where we were sleeping! What are we going to say? It’s his place. We were like, “Um, okay…?” Funny shit. He never did turn it on. Thank God. We got up in the morning and booked. Found our way out of there. Beautiful countrysides.

Made it into Pittsburgh. Strange city. It’s supposedly a pretty big city but it seemed like a ghost town. Not many people milling about. Unlike Old City Philly. The streets were packed with people there. It was dead in Pitts. We had to lug our shit up a huge flight of stairs at Brillobox. Great. You know how we LOVE stairs. The Brillobox is a pretty cool place though. The booker is a really cool guy. The bands we played with were also cool. There were only maybe about 20 people there. We did meet a young girl who is a marketing major who wants to help us out. Hopefully something good will come of that! All in all, Pennsylvania was good times!

We’re now driving 9 hours to get to Nashville, or near there at least. It’s our day off and we woke up late, did our laundry and hit the road. We figure we should get close to Nashville so we can chill around there tomorrow. Our Arkansas gig is cancelled because everyone over there (except Wendi) is a fucking flake. We don’t even know the address of the place we’re playing. I called the club owner. No return call. No one knows shit. Retarded. So I cancelled since it’ll probably suck anyways. How can it be cool if no one even knows we’re there or where it even is!? Days off kind of suck. No work=no pay. Oh well.

~ by Outdo-Ninja on May 4, 2009.

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