04.28.09 – Rochester, NY

Well rested and relaxed. Ready to hit the road again (we’re already in route to Albany).

Rochester was good times. We luckily hooked up with a great guy, Charlie, on couchsurfing.com and he let us stay at his home for 2 nights. Very cool. He showed us around town on our day off (yesterday). We had a mellow day of eating, drinking, smoking, playing Wii, eating, drinking, smoking, catching up on 24, sleeping. I wish everyday was like that. Hehe.

Our show the night before at Bugjar was pretty cool. Bob the owner is a really cool guy. We met this guy Phil who seemed to be a really big fan of ours. Took our pictures, asked for autographs, bought our shit… Pretty cool. So far we have been to a few cities where there were some “hardcore” NA fans. It’s fucking amazing that we have this, but it’s also a little strange. We’re nobody’s and people are nearly fanatical. I’m not questioning it though. Anyway, there was an okay amount of people for a Sunday night. We played with two other bands, both experimental. Apparently, the experimental scene in Rochester is pretty big. Huh. The first band, Crush the Junta was pretty good.

~ by Outdo-Ninja on April 29, 2009.

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