04.26.09 – Cleveland, OH

“Herro Creverand!” That’s how we started our set, no joke. It was pretty funny. We figured that they’ve probably heard “Hello Cleveland” a thousand times from every band that comes through town, but we still wanted to say it so we put our ninja-spin on it. Hehe. Turns out the Clevelanders were into our shit! Right before we played a good amount of people just showed up out of nowhere. It was looking bleak before that.

We also got more footage of “drunk-guy-dancing/fake-fighting” while we were playing. We have a number of these dudes on video now. We’re going to make a compilation video and it’s going to be funny as hell. Sorry drunk dudes! We seem to possess some people to go crazy.

Anyways, we effortlessly ripped through our set (we’re pretty in shape now). Again we had no place to sleep so we put out the announcement and got like 3 offers. Great! We ended up staying with a couple of very cool guys, Dan and Ben. Before that we all went to eat at a 24 hour diner called My Friends. Good food! These group of people were very cool. I’m glad we got to meet and hang out with them. After eating we went back to their pad and played a little pinball at Ben’s (yes, he just got a machine), fixed our heads, and crashed. All in all, another great night! Can’t wait to go back to Cleveland.

We are just arriving to Rochester. We’re staying at a guy’s house I emailed from couchsurfing.com. He’s letting us stay for 2 days too. Yes! The Internet is great. Hopefully tonight’s show goes well.

Our first day off in 18 straight performances is tomorrow. HELL YES!

~ by Outdo-Ninja on April 26, 2009.

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