04.23.09 – Grand Rapids, MI

Wow, WHAT A SHOW! But first, let me tell you what led up to the GR show….

So in Indianapolis, a couple of L.A. friends (whom we only met one time), drove 3 hours to come to our show! Wow. They are hard core about the Academy. Fucking rad. So we drove way out to BFE to stay with them. Luckily, it was half way between there and Grand Rapids, so it cut our drive the next day down to only 2 hours.

So while I was driving to Grand Rapids I pulled the stupidest move of the tour yet. No, I didn’t get a speeding ticket. In one split second, while I looked down to look at the iPod, I fucking ran into a curb. I was maybe going about 20 mph. We ran into the curb kind of hard with the right front wheel. We were like, “OH SHIT!”. I pulled over and we looked at the wheel. The damn rim was bent and air was slowly leaking out. DAMMIT, we are in the middle of NOWHERE! For real. Nowhere. No open garages. No AAA. No nothing. We were 20 minutes to the next town, but we weren’t even sure if there was a garage there that could help us. I got us into the car and (perhaps stupidly) sped to the next town, trying to get there before the tire got flat. We DID NOT want to have to get the spare out and change the tire. This would have meant taking all the equipment out of the van and all that crap. The tire pressure light in the van also came on. CRAP! We have to hurry. So we eventually made it and luckily found a tire place pretty quickly. I told the guy about my stupidity and our schedule. He was very helpful and actually fixed the rim. Also luckily, it turns out I didn’t mess the rim up, only the lip of the rim, so we didn’t have to buy a whole new one. (note to you who rent cars: always get the collision insurance! that would have reimbursed me if I had to pay for a new rim. Nice!) After 30 minutes we were back on track. Phew!

We got to Grand Rapids and killed time at Starbucks and found a hotel near the venue. Our friends, El Ten Eleven, who also played with us last night, hipped us to the hotel. It was great to have a nice, clean place to shower and rest (even though we didn’t get that much sleep).
The venue, Founders Brewing, is amazing. Good sound. Great food. Amazingly nice people. And a large selection of beer! They had this new beer that just came out (they brew their own). It was called “Nitro Pomegranite”. IT WAS THE BEST BEER WE’VE EVER HAD. Sooo good! Anyway, Metavari opened up the night. They are a great band from Indiana. Very good and cool people. We played second and played a great set. Over an hour and we weren’t even tired! I think it’s a combination our stamina building up and the sound there being so good we didn’t have to play hard to hear ourselves. It felt great. The people in GR were so into us. They really appreciate good music there. I love that. I have total confidence that the next time we go there there will be a lot more people there to see us. We got a lot of positive feedback. We’re stoked.

We are tired today. Didn’t get enough sleep from staying up and chilling with the ETE boys for awhile at the hotel and having to wake up early to fix that damn rim (for nothing). Off to Detroit now. Tonight should be another good show! Will keep you posted…

~ by Outdo-Ninja on April 24, 2009.

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