To the east!!

Driver to the east… Whoo… Ok a cop has pulled us ove while im writting this.. The second one so far bring up the tall to amy 1 indo 1 i got mine the other day!!! I was going a humble speed of 88! Cmon now!! Mine is $100 fine amy’s 75fine… Oh well… Casualties of tour!
Columbia was awsome! We met a band called peace by pounching! Great muscians! And a swell bunch of guys! They were gracious enough to let ninjas invade they’re home.. Special thanks to jack greg tomas and the only other filipino in columbia, leo! Pinoy power..for they’re hospitality! We got silly and listened to max rumba and neurosis on cassette!!
It was a breath of fresh air playing a good show in columbia… I feel a real sense of community there.. Like “we got your back” attitude! It was refreshing…
Specialy after some of our recent shows like salt lake city where no one parties on a saturday night! Or kansas city when the only other local band didnt even show up… We ended up playing for the bartender, the sound man, and this guy brandon who was the only guy there for us! Cool dude.. He bought a cd and helped us load the van…
Yes we still have a long road ahead!!! Go ninja go ninja go!!

~ by indoninja on April 23, 2009.

One Response to “To the east!!”

  1. Why, oh, why are you blogging and driving?!? Are you crazy?!? Grrrr!

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