04.22.09 – Columbia, MO

Columbia is a damn cool town with damn cool people. We got in about two hours early yesterday so we walked around the downtown area and put up posters and talked to people to try to promote for the show. Everyone we spoke to was very nice. Some even said they’d come to the show, but of course they didn’t. It’s cool though.

Mojo’s is a cool venue. Decent sound. Pretty much as soon as we arrived and we met one of the other bands, Peace by Punching, they offered us their place to stay. Fucking cool! They didn’t even know us or hadn’t seen us play yet. Very cool of them. PbP are an amazing band. One of the better that we’ve played with so far. They are doing something different and original. Plus, they are the coolest group of guys. We all got along well. The show itself was good too. We played well and people were into it. Some assured us that the next time we roll through they’ll bring 50 people. We’ll see, but I’m sure people will talk, so that’s good. Overall, I great night.

On our way to Indianapolis now. 6 hour drive plus a one hour time change. Entering Eastern time zone soon!

~ by Outdo-Ninja on April 23, 2009.

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