Let the Ninjas know you care. Write them a Haiku!

Step1. Think about the Ninjas, and how you feel when they attack. Jot down some of the words that come to mind on that theme.

Step2. Organize your thoughts and feelings on the Ninjas into roughly three lines.

Step3. Finally, you must polish your haiku’s three lines. Make sure the first line contains exactly five syllables, but the second line contains exactly seven syllables and then the third line has exactly five syllables. It may take some substitution of words, but  “You do the math!”

Here is a sample haiku written by Ninjamamalickum:

Ninjas are on tour,                (5 syllables)

Invading the U.S.A.              (7 syllables)

Go see them. Buy now!!    (5 syllables)


-Luv Ninjamamalickum    

More luv at:  www.ninjamamalickum.wordpress.com


~ by NinjaMamaLickum on April 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Let the Ninjas know you care. Write them a Haiku!”

  1. Great Santa Cruz show
    Buy their shit mutha fuckas
    Ninjas need to eat

  2. cali loves ninjas
    their invasion is welcome
    buy their shit, yo!……..plait

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