Arizona tour

A little late coming, but we’ve been busy… what?

So a couple weekends ago Indo and I had a weekend tour of Arizona. Actually it started in Ventura on Wednesday night. We played at Nicholby’s Night Club. This space is pretty big. Actually, it was too big for us. We played for maybe 10 people and about half left while we were playing. (And these people came to see us!) I don’t know what’s up with that. Perhaps they had to work early the next day or something. Anyways, playing in a big room for a few people that weren’t really into it was a humbling experience, to say the least. It also took about 2 hours to get there! So was the gig worth it? Not sure.

Bright and early Thursday morning Indo and I hit the road to Tucson, AZ where we had a show at Plush that evening. We made good time there and got in town with enough time to eat at a local diner (I forget its’ name but they had damn good burgers!) and get to the club to load-in. At Plush we met Mostly Bears for the first time, with whom we were going to be touring the whole weekend. Cool guys, those three and a great band! Colorstore also played that night. They were first and really good as well. Great harmonies. We were next up and I must say, I think we killed. The crowd was really into us. Totally made up for the shitty gig the night before. This show was my favorite of the weekend just for this reason. It really makes a difference when the crowd is into what you’re doing. This crowd was. Someone even came to the show because of an interview that was written about us (even the writer, Dan, said this was a first!). We had some friends, Jamie and Cristina, that had moved from L.A. to Tucson a couple months before so we invited them to the show and they kindly invited us to stay the night at their place. Awesome! They had an amazing place with a cool studio and ample room. So at the end of the night we headed to their crib and hung out for awhile before crashing.

Friday. We get up and hang out with Jaime for the morning. He takes us to the local music store and shows us around for awhile. Then we hit the road to Phoenix for our next gig. I wanted to stop by Modified Arts because I hear that’s the place to play in Phoenix. We weren’t playing there but I wanted to meet someone there so we could get a future show there. Well this band Kinch was playing there that night and they were setting up. Nice guys. Turns out they’re huge in Phoenix. Anyways, I got their info and it looks like we’ll be playing with them a couple times in May, once in Phoenix and once in L.A. Nice! That’s what I’m talking about. So we head to the venue, ChryroArts. It’s a storefront place in a strip-mall that has some art and live music. Kind of a strange place, but the owners and booker were cool. This gig was alright. Not too many people there, but strangely we made the most money of all the nights there. Weird. The booker kindly offered us his place to stay but we declined since he had to get up early the next day and we didn’t want to wake up early. So we found this cheap motel and crashed there. We trashed the place before we left, as any respectable rock star would do. Plus, we’re ninjas, it’s expected of us. We would NEVER do this to someone’s house, only cheap motels.

Saturday. We needed to prepare for the cold in Flagstaff so we bought some warm clothes at Target, ate breakfast then hit the road. Man, Flagstaff was pretty damn cold. It wasn’t snowing but there was snow on the ground everyone. I love that town though! It a nice small town. Beautiful, actually. The place we were playing/staying in was great. Cool vibe. The Hotel Monte Vista, it’s called. The cool thing there, too, is that they hook up the bands that play there with a place to play. Nice! Indo and I ended up getting our OWN rooms, since there is only two of us and the “band room” has 2 bunk beds (4 beds) and Mostly Bears had 4 of them. Cool for us. It’s nice to play a set, get drunk, and walk right upstairs to your room. Mostly Bears had a lot of people there to see them and they rocked the house. Some people did come to see us but they got there late. Lame! We still played an hour and 10 minute set. It was fun. After the show we finally got to chill and party with the Mostly Bear guys. We all got drunk and watched Jeff nearly kill himself jumping from the top bunk on one side to the bottom bunk on the other. Funny shit and good times.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. Despite it being our first time playing in Arizona, I think it was a great success. We met bookers that we needed and wanted to meet, met cool bands and cool people. All we have to do now is keep building on it and hopefully next time (in May) people will tell their friends and more people will come. We’ll see! It’s all about getting the hell out of L.A.

~ by Outdo-Ninja on February 23, 2009.

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