Vegas, baby!

So last night we played Vegas for the first time. Let me lead up to that…

We were invited out by Scott from Macro-Fi, who saw us play our show in December at the Hangar51. He’s good friends with Woven. Anyway, he was impressed with us so he invited us out. We love to go and play new places, so we agreed.

Only Indo and I were able to make it out to Vegas. The ladies couldn’t make it, unfortunately. We got into town and met up with our buddy, Hessaum, who came to Vegas to hang out and see us play. First thing we did? BUFFET! Mandalay Bay has a pretty good buffet, and not too expensive. $30. We ate until we busted our pants. I was ready to crash after that, but dammit, we had a gig to play!

Next thing’s next.. We had some time to kill, so what’s one of the things you do while in Vegas? That’s right. Indo and I left the strip, went downtown (close to where our gig was) and found a $3 blackjack table (we’re broke ninjas) and spent at least an hour there gambling. Who says ninjas don’t gamble? I actually don’t really care for it, but what am I gonna do? At least at the end of this “session” both he and I broke even. It’s some free entertainment, screw it.

Around 9:30pm we head to the Bunkhouse Saloon. It was packed. Macro-Fi hold these events with artists and various types of music. There was hip-hop, punk and us. Our set time was moved back to a later time for some reason, which kinda sucked because a good amount of people left, but there was still a nice crowd that hung around for us, so thanks to them! I must say, we did rock that crowd. We had a great performance and we turned a lot of new people onto the Academy. I love going in to shows, making people wonder or even doubt what it is the hell we do, then playing and totally making believers out of them. That’s the best. Mission accomplished. And thanks so much for Hessaum and Jane for helping with our merch! You guys rock. I don’t know what we would have done without you. Going on tour and not having a merch person is going to SUCK.

We met so many cool people out there. I wish I could remember all their names. Two in particular though, Forest and Soula, were especially kind and invited us over to their home to eat. Wow, what great people! Two strangers invite two tired and hungry ninjas over to their place to eat? We’d be stupid to say no to that. So we stopped by the market to buy all the food (which they totally treated) and headed to their house. Soula cooked us some delicious chilaquiles. Man, they were excellent. Forest showed us some of his music, we played with their pit-bulls and just basically shot the shit. Damn cool people, those two. I hope we can meet more people like them when we go on tour.

I look at the clock and it’s about 6 in the morning. Jesus. Indo, wake up! Let’s go. We have another gig in L.A. tonight! So we bid our farewells, stomach’s full, hearts content and start our record-breaking 3 1/2 hour drive back to L.A. Make it home just in time to sleep all day, wake up and write this entry, and go get ready to rock more faces at The Smell tonight.

Our national tour is going to be hard as hell, but if last night is any indication of what’s to come, I can’t fucking wait to get out on the road.

~ by Outdo-Ninja on February 7, 2009.

One Response to “Vegas, baby!”

  1. wow! thats the business! when you guys come to LR we got you! we’ll hook you up the best we can. yall stay vertical and I cant wait to show my friends the performance that their lives have been missin’! YEAH!

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